Kitchen Oven Anti-scalding Mobile Clip Set (2pcs)

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main feature

  • An essential accessory for holding hot and cold plates and bowls!
  • Anti-scald: Clip the hot inner pot or steamer basket from the microwave oven, oven, air fryer, and boiling pot, and remove it from the instant pot and other hot plates, trays, and bowls and lift them safely.
  • Durable: Stainless steel head frame, sturdy and durable, can lift up to 5 pounds with one hand. We strongly recommend to lift the heavier flower pots with both hands and 2 grippers.
  • Silicone pad attachment: prevents slippage and provides extra strength to clamp your plates, bowls and trays without damaging them.
  • ABS non-slip plastic handle: BPA-free and safe for dishwashers.
  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic handle, durable and non-slip. Prevent hot dishes and other dishes from falling and breaking, ensuring safe cooking. Lightweight, simple, compact and portable.


    • ABS
    • green
    Package Contents
    • Anti-scald clip B x 2,
    • Anti-scalding clip A + B set x 1,
    • Anti-scalding clip A x 1

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